Mourinho revealed dynasty sad eyes

3-0, Chelsea won the Crystal Palace, also made the Premier League season until recently number one margin of victory. Single-game scoring 3 goals, Mourinho’s Chelsea only once or twice in 2011 (3-2 off to West Brom), zero goals conceded (league) simply four games, but following your coaching change, the Blues are working yesteryear four games two cheap Real Madrid football shirts games 3 goals scored, zero conceded in addition have two games.

Really coaching change, particularly tool? ! If you happen to see Jose Mourinho, certainly not revealed sad eyes? The same thing class of players, within the hands pretty well dead, and here she’s gone, as well as a revealing warning signs of recovery.

“Locker room atmosphere is currently significantly better ……” This is often Mikel recent statement. Costa towards Mike Mussina threw vest sitting aside laughing when Nigerians, now recovered the way, the adventure, his performance for a god in the spinal area position.

Costa revived, following on Waterford scored twice, this line of business he needed to score assists, pass Oscar selfless, it will be almost not recognize him. Small law also live, his forward pass made the 1st goal, passing repeatedly threatened people saw his foot feeling; there Ivanovic answered a God, and that he is fast Mazar Ha contest strive winger who once loved “Ivan corridor” right into the “Ivan trap.”

Azar touches nothing changes, he hurt again, on this one to leave and that is exactly an equivalent when Leicester City is not actually obviously been violated, fail to hold the fate to go to, which time he wasnrrrt able to say “hoax hurt” the ideal? There is absolutely no Mike Mussina, one difference is the fact that outermost surface of Adjara, Mike Mussina cheap Real Madrid football shirts when he will never speak overcast, Mike Mussina left, after the lapse of 3 weeks he finally updated Instagram, and issued the primary content “Glad to observe you again, Mata” (with Manchester United a wartime).


Four months ago, Chelsea 1 2 loss to Crystal Palace, that it was Jose Mourinho’s side at first from your home “state abnormal.” Right after the game, Mike Mussina responsible for remarked about the array wasnt normal: “Fair to imply, the two or three players out of the outstanding performance far I blame myself decided not to win them, because I allow the chips to play in the 1 hour 30 minutes. my third substitution, I realized really want a fourth substitutions. ”

Looking back, most likely the brand new you touch the Crystal Palace on the Chelsea squad, someone “very tired”, till the time, the emergence from the ghost said, traitor said. Basically speaking, at the disposal of Mike Mussina, the locker room chaos, people scattered, players do not hope to sacrifice their lives for him, this kind of can be gradual process, but Mourinho’s approach to doing things, wealth attraction almost inevitable.

Mike Mussina after school 1st battle, launched panic or anxiety attack around the cheap Real Madrid football shirts china players at Stamford Bridge, “three mice” in addition to other slogans rebuked them not occupation, it could possibly squeeze in a hint madman heart bring relief. Mourinho but soon discovered that the squad would be forgiven as much as to be noticed, exploiting grime collapse, the coach did something wrong, it is the media digging hard pulling objects.

Ruud Gullit, Jamie Carragher, who are both criticized Mourinho’s style is intense, players tap the possibility of his technique are an endless challenge, flogging them, creating tension for the locker room, to try and not relax moments, when Player status fluctuate, madman are they going to be much more stringent, which indeed can readily give you conflict and confrontation. Real Madrid and Chelsea, emerged an incredibly “reaction”, the actual year when all took a good quality hundred good results, having said that the third year has witnessed a dramatic relationship fission. If you should play, say, blame Mourinho looks like a teacher, his beatings and shock will temporarily improve educational achievement, in case students appear rebellious, this could become impossible to cleanse up.

Another noteworthy factor is the fact Mourinho around the “win the hearts” of such a link, it seems like to attempt better than current year. Deco, Lampard, Drogba, Ibrahimovic, Materazzi hence these early followers of Mike cheap Real Madrid football shirts china Mussina, has to conserve a reverence madman, however in the past several years, this seems less iron MU contradictions madman from the players more, is not the ancient huge today’s wind players are definitely not good serve, or older, but Mike Mussina lost affinity, nobody know. Or accept the analogy of teachers and students, some teachers desire for example, occasional beatings, known for its good students can accept, however, if less intimacy of that layer on weekdays, you criticize just slightly hard points are super easy to go on to hate .

Second year at Chelsea, Mourinho has expressed this vision: I’m going to continue getting the blues, like Ferguson did, have a dynasty. Voice not often, Muslim era already earth shattering, dynasty prototype yet, Shoudexia people get reversed. The more Ironically, Manchester United, Mourinho want that dynasty model, rather watched Van Gaal eight games and not using a win, the madman entered the Red Devils stir fell on deaf ears, nor the thinking behind moving a coaching change, reportedly because like Bobby – Charlton Manchester United this Thoroughbred who despise Mourinho through the bones of these a short-term role that he’s not really a candidate dynasty.

Perhaps the time has come in order to manage Mourinho gap between ideal and reality, the most recent greatest sorrow, his straightforward and intense fighting during the shortest time excited, but a string cheap Real Madrid football shirts online stretched too tight simple to be able to; he longed long reasonable length of time, but never seemingly eliminate can not afford to “short-term quick” censure; he wants may be the dynasty, nevertheless the departure from Camp Nou came away while using experience, but because he marked the “eternal insurgents” brand.

Club World Cup Barcelona Real Madrid grab a badge C Ronaldo spurned careless move

“Barcelona won our world Club Cup” is not really news, though the Catalan media still cheap Barcelona football shirts provocative Madrid starting with some particular mindset, for example , “Club World Cup badge effortless to master”, “C Lo once wipe badge provocation other fans but drenched audience booed “……

Catalan media, “the daily sports newspaper” to “Barcelona Real Madrid snatched the Club World Cup badge” with the title, they always desire to use several of the cases proved “In fact, up to scratch on the Club World Cup Real Madrid badge”: “in 2015 we jersey Real Madrid On can watch this badge, but it surely is responsible for controversy. Madrid off war Cordoba when, C Luo malicious retaliation mainly because the home team players red departure, the Portuguese in any case grime deliberately hand wiping Club World Cup badge ( meaning: I am the whole world champions), inducing the audience boos. ”

Then elaborate “Every Body” of okay: “After the Club World Cup final victory over South American champions River Plate Barcelona, ??Real Madrid, who cheap Barcelona football shirts replica took control of from your Club World Cup 2012 Barcelona badge to utilize this badge campaign has regained Barcelona. Club World Cup wearing the badge of privilege. The reality is, have to to hold off 2016, the very last battle in 2015 that is definitely next Wednesday confront a war Betis, Barcelona will be wearing a shirt printed from the title badge play. “

Neymar leading league scorer data far better than the equivalent period last season

The current state of popular striker, scored twice hard following on from the Royal Society, he one more time confirmed its leading position around the scoring charts.

Barcelona (official website data) around the 11th is experiencing an outbreak season, a lot cheap Barcelona football shirts for kids of prominent with the performance of Trident, is anticipated to stay the momentum to be able to the record. After a week ago scored twice, Neymar is constantly on the lead the league scorer. Currently he scored 14 goals during the league, much more than teammate Suarez 2 balls.

As well as the league, Neymar against Borisov also scored two goals within the Champions League this present year, scored a maximum of 16 goals for all competitions.

And even scoring a great momentum, Neymar also help his teammates score. He scored much more goal within the game against Real Sociedad battle Macy assists. Neymar with the league regarding who the winner, assists up to a whopping 5 times. While in the Champions League, he assists triple.

Quite as good as last season

In Barcelona’s first season, Neymar scored uniformly 15 goals inside of the league, just another cheap Barcelona football shirts replica when compared to current ball. And last season, your initial 13 league games, Neymar completed only 13 goals and three assists.

Naples becomes strong because he’s gone

Inter Milan earlier this week will challenge enemies inside league away to Naples, “Gazzetta dello Sport” interview with former national Mihou Wei cheap Real Madrid football shirts Materazzi.

Materazzi believes Naples home very terrible, and Chen Yi Higuain is today probably football’s most outstanding five strikers. Materazzi from the interview decided not to forget irony about Naples former coach Rafael Benitez, he stated: “Of course, Naples could be the biggest change this year the actual ‘real’ good coach, in Surrey They both have done effectively. Nevertheless still think Inter will win, Mancini’s three-guard immune system can locked Higuain, offensive Ljajic and Perisic discovered to the team We honor the sacrifice of personal interests, which is certainly essential. ”

Materazzi contradiction with Benitez ages, retired after Materazzi has repeatedly publicly blasted the Spanish coach, said he was “hypocritical man” and coaching level “very low.” Inter Milan coach Benitez as cheap Real Madrid football shirts uk opposed to a quite a while the category was over, but he led won that year’s World Club Cup, Materazzi responded to the 2011 additional peculiar: No coach when Inter won the Club World Cup!

Barcelona star guest on the Bernabeu ten focus inventory

Sastre from 1929 to past few years Messi, Real Madrid and Barcelona battle history can always emerge the various spotlight.

Real Madrid and Barcelona showdown began May 9, 1929, happens to be greater than 85 years.

Sastre: first through Barcelona football shirts online the only objective of the nation’s derby, the video game taken place in the May 9, 1929. Barcelona won the original league title.

Bustillo: In Game September 14, 1969, he helped Barcelona at the start of the game play a few minutes 2-0 lead, but damaged. Final game played toward a 3-3 tie.

Cruyff: Dutch is February 17, 1974 Barcelona away 5-0 victory over Real Madrid, big hero, Ruba Sa hit rogues ball.

Venables: in your British portion of Barcelona staged one of the most successful debut. September 2, 1984 the initial round belonging to the league, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3-0. Barca year after 11 years to win the league again.

Rivaldo: Rivaldo is March 3, 2001 the Bernabeu 2-2 battle absolute hero. The Brazilian scored two goals, together with 92nd-minute goal was wrongly disabled.

Harvey: April 25, 2004, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-1, the main 85 minutes collusion Harvey Ronaldinho pass break.

Ronaldinho: Country Barcelona football shirts derby November 19, 2005 is legendary. Ronaldinho Real Madrid fans at a Bernabeu for any standing ovation to shell out tribute, he led Barcelona 3-0 stand out rivals.

Puyol: May 2, 2009 is usually a memorable day, Barcelona 6-2 victory over Real Madrid while in the Bernabeu. Barcelona Puyol scored your second goal following your Catalan flag on kissing the captain’s armband.

Guardiola: April 10, 2010, Guardiola led Barcelona 2-0 away win over Real Madrid, Messi and Pedro’s goal that may help the achieve important victories.

Messi: Today’s top players a hat-trick in the rooms March 23, 2014 in.

Man utd genius Recurrence first selected for any England squad

“Daily Mirror” message, Lingard recent outstanding performance with the England team, he will probably have the option to represent useful Lions took cheap Manchester United football shirts part in the friendly against France in the future, even as is capable of displaying at Wembley Stadium stunning, this Manchester United genius jump up far more alarming rate.

Indeed, this season’s International Champions Cup, Lingard for the good performance opportunities, in four games, he can be up from the bench, but won the 128 minutes of stage time, this teenager perfectly into a ball, 2 assists, gave Van Gaal left a good impression. At the moment, Man utd winger compare rely Pres, but to perform the Dutch but also from general, this one case, Van Gaal rushed enabled Lingard.

Manchester United against CSKA in Champions League group stage, Lingard play well, assists Rooney scored key goals, one more round of Premier League Manchester United 2-0 wow West Brom a war, young drivers . scored the objective.

England are going to be tuesday at Wembley Stadium against France, possessed cheap Manchester United football shirts online a large list of finalists Carrick, even so the Man utd veteran injured from the accident, while Hodgson rushed recruited Lingard. Because of this teenager, this is a good chance to demonstrate that he is required to location the Three Lions debut.

Lingard was given birth to in 1992, the important attacking midfielder, it can be worth mentioning that, younger population . played for England U17 and U21 before, he played 11 times component U21, a 2-ball fetched. In addition to that, the Leicester City striker Valdivia also quit a few Lions, he will probably miss playing around the match against France, which regrettable, before he missed the England and Spain battle.

C Lo: I’ll 4 – retired five years

Real Madrid star C Lo said within a interview, said he previously be 4 to 5 numerous Real Madrid football shirts retirement after which you can become “King”, not to mention best freinds and family to exist with.

C Lo is set in his autobiographical film documentary “Ronaldo” released on your occasion, to a Portuguese magazine interview, younger population . stated, before the penalty that it was still nervous, but in the time tension, he breathe deeply, sufficient reason for age increases, definitely hardly tense.

Talking about football, C Luo said, “This is an extremely important component of my life”, as a result, he was “a hundred percent effort all of the time.” A road suffered boos and cheers sound, C Lo stated it no matter, the fact is, opponents of hate and will get to be the allure of his efforts, and this is a component of football work.

The Portuguese said: “I am not the planet’s most humble person, In reality it, Practical goal fake people, exploiting some respects I’m humble.” This is why, he said trying to other sports entertainment experts learned something, “so persons are humble, because need to learn a little extra.”

For his son’s life, C Lo said his son adored normal, “the bed you are sleeping well, eat fruit cheese, there’s an easy racecar, the favored son also normal.” Nevertheless, C Luo will cheap Real Madrid football shirts replica never let his son have a relatively responsive feel, “No matter how his father’s life, they ought to their very own life.”

C Luo said 5-year-old son asked him to obtain iPhone6, so that you can phone him constantly, C Luo refused his son’s request, announced if you want to call continues to be, my grandmother had that hand phone. “At an exceptionally early age Needed to end up being father, Cristiano dramatically changed living, my attitude. He supported me and possesses kept me smile.” And recalling his boyhood, C Luo Disclosure 12 yr old while he walked along to Lisbon to relax and play football, “That was my worst stage.” He demonstrated that he almost left Sporting Lisbon Madeira back, but to help the club great family to allow him to be able to.

In the interview, C Luo also touched on a sensitive topic: his relationship using father. C Luo’s father died in 2005, C Luo said his father dependency on alcohol, he doesn’t need to have such a father. “I love him, that’s for sure, however, i have never had a heart to heart exchange with him.”

C Lo own life was “very self-discipline”, although sometimes “a drink or two,” or from the cheap Manchester United football shirts uk weekend eating hamburgers Coke.

Neymar obtaining 10 goals in eight games offensive banner hot state

Neymar battle against Villarreal scored a fantastic ball, which is the Brazilian state came Barcelona football shirts good in miniature. He was a leader, in today’s state can easily be concocted such type of wonderful moment.

Since Messi injured in the game against Las Palmas within the game, Neymar resolutely took the offensive banner. Within the last eight games, scoring 10 goals Neymar, such results are clearly incredible. Overall competitions this year, the Brazilian has scored 13 goals, including 11 goals in your league, the Champions League 2 goals. He topped the league top scorer.

Neymar set a great deal of records 2010. Fresh gone soon after Champions League top scorer in team history compatriot Ronaldinho, ranking Barcelona football shirts online sixth place, couple of goals less Biaituoao. League game against Villarreal two goals tied him in the league scoring record Lineker –42 ball.

Van Gaal tells an eco friendly four strongest champion Red Devils will not rely Degea

Degea seems content celebrated his 25 birthday! At Old Trafford, Manchester United’s 2-0 success but not only revenge West Bromwich Albion team Premier League 2010 and eighth zero closure opponents, race in time a row without conceding routine will be to reach 555 minutes, the last time An equivalent performance is in 2008. Degea decided not to come up with a fighting campaign, combined with two Manchester United football shirts shots and was startled Bella Sinoe header, Man utd goalkeeper basically nothing to do from this game.

Right now, it is actually a good day for Man utd. November 6, Ferguson coached Manchester United’s 29 anniversary; November 7, it is actually Degea 25th birthday. In Ferguson’s new book, “Leading” when there were plenty of words, I coached Manchester United’s 1500 games only missed 3 times, the original in 1998 left for Glasgow to venture to family funerals, plus the second what food was in 2000 to Nigeria to participate in in the large son wedding, much more time was in 2010 to check Chadeheya.

If you do move in this year storm baptism, Degea eventually live in the Theatre of Dreams, and contract because of the club for 4 years, together with a priority right of renewal for around year. Returned to his familiar position, Degea soon enter in the state, nearly every game features a wonderful cheap football shirts save. Today, Manchester United are mad master play ball rate, competition for your goalkeeper who may be not doing anything most likely, when looking at one another offense is dangerous. Fortunately Degea performance is usually reassuring.

Recently, Man utd became the focus of attack outside attack, defensive end touches reassuring. Degea and Smolin in advance of a key element team yet to secure the town, as the saying goes early October 0-3 defeat to Arsenal battle to combat Van Gaal may not be small, insurance plan the team is definitely a qualitative improvement through the defense, we all know in just a further seven games for the regular time Man utd lost print up to just one ball. 4 league clean sheet, this is exactly Van Gaal took control of after the very Dream Theater, is the reason Manchester United can perform maintain the title race group ranks.

12 league lost only 8-ball, that is nearly 8 since Manchester United the most impressive defensive performance of this year in the Premier League over the same period, the 2007-08 season Manchester United cruised to 12 before lost only six goals, while it have also been Arsenal Forced one, but eventually the Red Devils last laugh locking league title. This season, Manchester City, Arsenal not surprisingly, an intense performance, but Manchester United’s title rivals cant be cheap Manchester United football shirts found much away is related to fake out the best defense. Smalling and Phil – Jones matures combination, however, not, after which it Ferdinand & Vidic par, though the overall performance is satisfactory.

Coincidentally, November 7 is Ferdinand’s 37th birthday. One former teammate Rio Scholes Manchester United recently has fast become, actually, coach Louis van Gaal is in big trouble. Following a match, Van Gaal said in the interview with “Ginger Head” Taking playing the mouth battle! “Now fans each and every moment by the media influence, in addition to Scholes! You shouted ‘attack, attack, attack’. But every my players are accomplishing. And may applying pressure with the opponent, and paid several running today we zero closure opponent, the I had been incredibly considering the defensive organization undoubtedly, generally if the face of Arsenal not lose the ball, so much the better. For the most part, I’m certainly now the team The performance is rather satisfied! “

La Liga – Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid Neymar wins Suarez meritorious deeds hot pursuit

November 1 at 3:30 am, your initial 10 La Liga, Barcelona 2-0 stand out Getafe, Real Madrid hot pursuit standings. The earliest half Sergio – Roberto heel pass, Suarez scored the purpose, while using Houneimaer break.

Focus game

Suarez scored his first career 501 war 300th ball, which Barca age 58 games into 36 goals 22 assists, direct manufacturing 58 balls. Representative Barca Cheap Real Madrid  football shirts played 36 league games, scored 24 goals Su God, right after 22 goals Maradona included in the same screenings.

Neymar La Liga career total of 40 goals scored at the moment, the league gains 9-ball, 8-ball leading C Ronaldo and Luis Suarez, the league leading scorer.

Suarez and Neymar Barca recently arranged a combination of 14 league goals, each one of the seven goals.


Neymar Suarez revisit the starting lineup, Sergio – Roberto back directly hit the primary, Iniesta (data) comeback directly into bench. The 1st 11 minutes, closed ShenQieBoWeiQi chest after stopping fire wide belonging to the near corner. Your initial 36 minutes, Suarez pick the ball, hit the NeiWeiErJiNi arm, the referee ignored. The earliest 37 minutes, Neymar left-wing break pass, Sergio – Roberto clever Cheap La Liga football shirts back-heel the ball itself, Suarez single ball calm low shot near corner break, Barcelona 1-0.

The main 50 minutes, Munir was blown offside broke invalid. The 1st 58 minutes, Bravo after obtaining the ball over a counter attack, Sergio – Roberto a good pass over the absolute best, Neymar left the restricted area volley ejection break, Barcelona 2-0. The initial 75 minutes, Neymar straight, Alvaro single ball volley was denied the gospel truth. The best 93 minutes, Suarez restricted area within the right oblique wide of a far corner.


Barcelona (4-3-3): Bravo; Alves, Pique, Mathieu, Alva; Busquets, Rakitic, Sergio – Roberto; Munir Suarez , Neymar